Volunteer Opportunity.

If you share our love of Labrador Retrievers and would like to help place Labs in loving “forever homes”, please contact us by submitting a Volunteer Form. We are a volunteer driven organization and we can always use another pair of hands in many areas of support for a rescue endeavor.
Our most immediate need is to build up our base of volunteers who can provide transportation for our rescue dogs in a number of different scenarios. Having a broad base of transport volunteers would enable us to be responsive and prompt in scheduling transfers at any stage of the rescue/adoption process, without overburdening any single volunteer. Transfer opportunities include:

  • meet the party surrendering a dog, at a mutually convenient location, and transport the dog to the foster household
  • transport a dog in our care to a vet for appointments and/or medical procedures.
    A transport volunteer must be able to secure the dog in their vehicle for a safe journey, such as in a crate, in a dog seat belt or in a secure location within the vehicle to ensure the dog is safe and not distracting the driver.