What to Look for in a Lab

The key factors to look for in a Lab are temperament and age, as these are the traits that will govern your relationship with your Lab. Gender, color, and physical traits are much less important; focusing on these traits can hinder adoption by removing good matches from consideration.


If you decide you can devote the necessary time to a rescue Lab, temperament should be your top priority in making a choice.

Labrador Retriever Rescue works hard to ensure that each Lab’s temperament is suited to his adoptive home’s needs. This is why we have a vigorous application and evaluation process in place for both the Labs and the homes of those who would like to adopt.


Factors to consider

When choosing the age of the rescue Lab appropriate to your lifestyle, consider the following:

  • The average life span of a Lab is 12-14 years.
  • Puppies are rarely available in our adoption program.
  • Young rescue Labs are usually energetic and require lots of exercise and attention.
  • Mature Labs (4-7 years old) are over the active stage and are in the prime of life.
  • Senior Labs (7 years and up) are usually calm, gentle, and affectionate.
  • Mature and senior Labs usually settle into new homes quite readily.

Should I adopt a senior Lab?

Consider a senior Lab if you want a quiet, easygoing companion dog that does not demand constant attention or require intense exercise. Most senior Labs are calm, well-adjusted dogs that settle into new homes easily. They’ve usually outgrown common obedience and behavior problems. These sweet old dogs usually have plenty of life left!