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Since 1988, Labrador Retriever Rescue has placed some 2,000 rescue Labs in permanent homes.


Our big boy, Duke, has found his forever home ! He has been adopted by a Vet and his family. Duke will provide support as this person adjusts to life with a prosthetic limb. His heart is as large as his size and his companionship, love and goofiness will bolster this man in his journey. We wish them well.


Chessa was a 15-year-old yellow Lab who spent three of the last years of her life in a barn with little to no human companionship and without even the basic necessities of sanitation. When her owner decided to give her up, a caring vet got in touch with LRR.

Chessa was not a candidate for adoption because of her age and health. But LRR was able to place her in a foster home where she spent the last months of her life with a loving family and the companionship of another rescue dog, Casper. Chessa was a wonderful dog. She was so happy to be part of a home again. We are sad that Chessa was with us for only that time but we know she received and gave great love and happiness.