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Forrest, now named Seamus, has been adopted ! He will be living out his final chapter in the beautiful state of Maine.What can I say about this wonderful  boy? He is probably the best trained and most polite lab I ever met. From riding in the car to swimming or going for a walk, this boy is happy to ride shotgun. He simply wants to be with his people.

Please meet Forrest

Forrest is a 9 yr young black lab looking for a new home d/t owner illness. The best thing about this boy, is that he is sweet, lovable and very well-mannered. You see, he doesn’t know he a little older, he only knows that he loves life ! He’s probably a lower energy level Lab but he does enjoy short walks and play sessions. Forrest LOVES swimming and is great with other dogs and kids of all ages. In typical Lab fashion, he just wants to hang with his people. He is an easy keeper and would make a fabulous addition to any family.

Kedzie has a new home!

Kedzie has found her new family and she is beginning her new chapter in her life. Not only will she have a fantastic family to love, but also she will share her love,happiness and typical Lab goofiness with residents of VA hospitals.What a wonderful ending!


Belle + Bo forever !

Miss Belle has found her forever home ! A prior adopter was willing to take a chance on her and now Bo, placed by LRR also, has a wingman for all his adventures! Getting into a home was life changing for this girl as she had spent most of her life in a crate. Now, she + Bo are exploring the outdoors + engaging in the typical Lab escapades. This is reason rescues exist

Gunnar has a home!

Whew, that was quick ! Our little chocolate nugget, Gunnar, has departed for his forever home. Funny, goofy, sweet doesn’t begin to do justice to his fantastic personality + his typical Lab outlook on life. We all loved him and he’s going to be spoiled rotten with his new family. This is reason we do rescue.


Our sweet yellow girl, Sunny, is spreading cheer wherever she goes in the great state of Vermont. As an unofficial mascot of the boarding school where she resides, she provides the students with a taste of home and a warm welcome. Plus, in true retriever form, she will chase  any ball, frisbee, squirrel or bird that crosses her path. Her willingness to play and her “sunny” disposition has resulted in quite a fan base. We are so happy for all involved.