If you share our love of Labrador Retrievers and would like to help place Labs in loving “forever homes”, please contact us by submitting a Volunteer Form.  We are a volunteer driven organization and we can always use another pair of hands in many areas of support for a rescue endeavor.

Although we welcome volunteers in all roles described below, our most immediate need is to build up our base of volunteers who can provide transportation for our rescue dogs in a number of different scenarios.   Having a broad base of transport volunteers would enable us to be responsive and prompt in scheduling transfers at any stage of the rescue/adoption process, without overburdening any single volunteer.  Transfer opportunities include:

  • meet the party surrendering a dog, at a mutually convenient location, and transport the dog to the foster household
  • transport a dog in our care to a vet for appointments and/or medical procedures.

A transport volunteer must be able to secure the dog in their vehicle for a safe journey, such as in a crate, in a dog seat belt or in a secure location within the vehicle to ensure the dog is safe and not distracting the driver.


8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello…..with a 508 area code, I’m thinking you’re in eastern mass. Would love to know a little more. Would there be someone I could call?

    A smidge about me. My husband and I have owned 3 labs…2 which were rescued. I volunteer for North Star Labs….both transport and foster….both pups and seniors. Our current lab is 15 (sadly I know she won’t be with us much longer).

    We live in South Deerfield (western mass). Not sure if you ever need transport in central or western mass…..but wood love to help if I can. Additionally we know we would like to adopt in the future, so I would like to know what I should do now to prepare to adopt in perhaps another year.


  2. Hi Michele,
    Thanks for reaching out to us.LRR covers all of New England states and is a foster-based rescue. We always need transporters, especially those
    familiar with the exuberance of labs ! Please submit a volunteer application so you’re in our database. I understand the sadness of having an
    older lab. My Malcolm is 11 yrs and it’s hard to watch him slow down. The good ones NEVER live long enough. Hope you have happy Holidays and
    thanks from LRR. Eleanor

  3. Good after noon, we recently lost our sweet girl Hershey who was 15. Our hearts and home feels completely empty and would love to adopt within the next few months. Can you provide me with additional information? Thank you

  4. Hi I’m interested in offering a foster possibly adopt home to Becket. We have 2 cats that have been around dogs and two very dog sensible children. We are based in Bristol in our own home with large secure garden. I’m home pretty much all day. I’m not sure where Becket is based? We would also consider other fosters, if appropriate.

  5. If interested,Chloe, please submit an adoption application on labrescue.com. That way we learn more about what your lifestyle is like and what would fit well with your family

  6. Hello, I would like to apply to adopt Beckett, would you send me an adoption form.

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